We had a fantastic launch night at Treviskers at Padstow courtesy of Chef Henk De Villiers Ferreira. We were joined by local chefs and suppliers who had a first look and taste of our premium venison.

Our menu designed and prepared by our Chef Ambassador Alan Bird and the in house brigade at Treviskers was a total triumph, with comments from the floor including:

“Possibly the best venison I’ve ever tasted”

‘I didn’t think it was possible to like venison, I was sceptical, but as an introduction to farmed venison and its soft, consistent, gentle and healthy taste, I’m DEFINITELY a convert!”

“As a butcher I’m thrilled to find a local supplier of farmed venison, being able to supply my customers with an exceptional source of game all year around is fantastic, the meat is genuinely superb”

“I have never seen or tasted a saddle of venison so good!”

“I used to be a vegan, tonight solidifies why my choice to return to some quality ethical exceptional quality meat in my diet was the right thing to do”

We’ll be holding an updated launch night at our newly opened state of the art abattoir and bespoke meeting space in early May 2020, if you’d like to be included on the guest list to join us to celebrate opening for business, please contact us at: